Steve Case on Innovation

Few takeaways from Steve Case, Co-Founder AOL on ‘Innovation is All About Partners’.

  • Partner. It isn’t just about what you do within your organization, but how you connect with other people, particularly entrepreneurs. It could be as a customer, it could be as a minority investor, it could be a joint venture, perhaps even an acquisition.
  • The third wave is going to be about integrating it in a more seamless, pervasive and sometimes even invisible ways.
  • The reality is the sectors most ripe for disruption in the next 10 to 20 years are things that are so important to our lives, like how we stay healthy or how our kids learn or food we eat or how we manage transportation systems. These are regulated things. And we can debate what the regulations should be, but there are going to be some regulations. So understanding that dynamic is going to become more important… As Uber got more scale, and particularly as they went global, it was shut down in Germany and South Korea and a bunch of countries because they haven’t quite figured out the policy aspect to it. So this is going be one of the inherent challenges.

What feature should LinkedIn implement to make it a more useful part of your online presence?

What feature should LinkedIn implement to make it a more useful part of your online presence?

Answer by Arpana Prajapati:

Building more insightful Career Pages could save users a lot of time looking for information across the web, and make LinkedIn the default search platform for all-things-career. For example, current Product Management skills page could become even more valuable to me by displaying these additional insights:

  • Product Managers that are 1st degree to me, PMs who worked at company as mine, PMs who went to the same school as mine.
  • Adding an angle of mentorship. Allow people to indicate their interest in mentoring career aspirants.
  • LinkedIn Search trends for Product Management. LinkedIn Employment trends for PM. Projections. Ranking against other MBA career options.
  • Courses taken by such professionals across Lynda, Udacity, Coursera, EdX, as indicated on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Trending careers based on post PM experience.
  • More importantly, returning this career page on top of search results. I don’t see it in search at all, right now. I had to click on my skills to visit this page. See below

When thinking from all-things-career perspective, LinkedIn could also consider strategic capabilities around:

  • Freelancing ecosystem such as UpWork.
  • Crowdsourcing or Competition ecosystem such as Kaggle.
  • Sales pipeline ecosystem.

What feature should LinkedIn implement to make it a more useful part of your online presence?

Innovating like Starbucks

Despite local coffee shops, Starbucks remains my go-to for chai latte. It is convenient and has managed to constantly innovate and capture the hearts of its digital savvy consumers over last few years. If you ever thought that digital adoption is only for companies that have a component of internet-based consumption, Starbucks disproves it.  To study the evolution, I compiled company’s some of the key digital ventures from its Facebook page timeline and public assets.

Starbucks digital innovation timelineWith proven history of being at the forefront of leveraging latest across web, social & mobile this primarily brick-and-mortar based coffeehouse has evolved to become the  Most Socially Engaged Company, beating Audi, McDonald’s, Red Bull and American Express. 

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