3 Pillars of Digital Marketing

One of things that I like about consulting is the diverse industry & functional knowledge that one learns (or has to learn) in a short period. One such exciting project around global digital presence transformation for a client propelled me to study further about the current market trends & technologies around capturing online shopper’s time and attention.

To begin with key pillars of digital marketing tactics (partially inspired from [1]) can be grouped by customer engagement continuum of attract, acquire, and retain.


SEO/SEM – optimizes site’s visibility in search results for specific keywords
Campaign Management – automates execution of cross-channel outbound marketing campaigns such as display ads, contests and their measurement. This can be expanded to include Influencer Targeting


Search Relevance – prioritizes site content most relevant based on a user’s search behavior/preferences
Audience Segmentation – allows selective delivery of information to specific audience groups. Taking a step further, dynamic micro-segmentation continuously evaluates which target market a customer fits into based on their profile, interests & current intent


Product Recommendations – displays selected items based on millions of similar users, similar items, groups of experts or groups of friends
Personalization – whereby individual users can choose, configure or are presented with content tailored to user’s behavioral or explicitly provided preferences
Digital Customer Care – gathers feedback and provides customer support over digital channels such as social media, online communities, virtual assistant

 My intent in follow-up articles would be to study and learn from industry leading examples, and explore technology enablers behind some of these capabilities.